LatAm Alternatives Group

LATAM ALTERNATIVES is a financial services company and an independent Third Party Advisor and Alternatives Investments Educational boutique established in 2010. Our headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, commonly known as The Gateway to Latin America. We are team of professionals with a focused expertise in the alternatives and traditional global asset management instruments. We believe in long term relationships while representing the most outstanding managers in targeted strategies.


VENALTERNATIVES PARTNERS is a private equity firm that will invest private capital in enterprises located in Venezuela once the current political situation stabilizes. With offices in New York and Miami, the firm will take an active ownership approach to add value by buying and building profitable businesses that will deliver strong financial returns.

Cuba Avanza

CUBA AVANZA PARTNERS is a private equity firm that invests private capital in small and medium-sized enterprises located in Cuba that exhibit superior growth potential and will benefit from increased global demand for their goods and services.

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