We offer institutional-quality sales outsourcing services that help firms identify and prospect high-quality leads, and acquire B2B customers in the U.S and Latin America (and the US Hispanic Market).

For over 20 years, LAS AMERICAS MEDIA ‘s principals have nurtured and cultivated deep-seated personal and business relationships with thousands of corporate decision-makers in the region. representing potential customers, partners, and distributors.


 With a collective population of over 620 million and $6 trillion in GDP, Latin America represents a large untapped market for many U.S. firms. Economic growth along with consumer and business demand are expected to rebound strongly in 2017, as the global economy gradually picks up momentum and regional trade strengthens. Our principals and locally registered on-the ground representatives across every major market center have devoted their careers across different vertical and industries in Latin America. Our proprietary LatAm email database is acknowledged as among the largest and up-to-date in the world, and leading event organizers have partnered with us for years to reach our networks to fill conferences and events focused on the region. Our direct branded sales services elevate our value to a new level with personalized outreach and face-to-face representation. U.S. firms can leverage our domain knowledge, regional expertise, and relationships to get in front of top decision-makers to swiftly close deals that impact the bottom line, all at a surprisingly low cost. (Including access to the powerful US Hispanic Market).


It is said that selling is the final stage of marketing. Clients that engage in LAS AMERICAS MEDIA’s sales outsourcing services also benefit from bundling integrated, region-specific marketing and PR services aligned with custom messaging and strategy. Examples are extensive and varied and will be tailored to the market and client, but may include: local media exposure; custom, translated websites / landing pages; targeted brochures and other collateral; in-country event speaking, and many others.

SALES –  U.S., US Hispanic and LatAm

  • Direct Branded B2B Sales
  • Sales Strategy
  • Competitive Landscape Review
  • Customer Needs Consulting
  • Prospect Identification
  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • Face-to-Face, Video Conferencing, Phone, and Email outreach
  • Marketing and Communications Services (add-on)


While the U.S. is the world’s largest national economy with a GDP exceeding $17 trillion, it is arguably the most competitive. It presents especially formidable barriers to entry for foreign firms, irregardless of brand recognition, revenues, or client base in their domestic markets. Our core sales team is based in the U.S., possess an extensive and deep network of U.S. contacts, and can seamlessly represent NON-USA firms to help them successfully sell their products and services into the U.S. market, as well as close key strategic partnerships to fuel growth. We staff in all major key centers including Boston, NYC, Chicago and Miami, along with other major metropolitan areas across the U.S.. We’re experienced sales professionals with impeccable reputations and credentials, and understand the dynamics of the U.S. and Latin American (US Hispanic) markets like no other firm of its kind.


As initial sales outreach gains momentum, LAS AMERICAS MEDIA can add, train, and manage additional on-the-ground sales professionals as market opportunities warrant. This helps maintain a seamless direct branded sales presence in any country or region, and allows firms to continue expanding their customer and revenue base without incurring high overhead or in-country licensing fees.

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